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It’s time to quit scratching the surface in life!

From Dr. Will Boyd, examining the spiritual journey of a risk-taker named Elisha, this book will help you recognize and break away from cyclical or seasonal activities leading to complacency, weariness, barrenness and lack of productivity in your life.

Regrettably, many “scratch the surface” in all they do. Never willing to “go deep,” their cyclical and futile attempts to reap harvests translate into limited productivity or even premature spoiling of goods. This will not be the case for you! Now is your time for breakthrough!

It is time to quit retracing your steps year after year in the same fields which only yield during certain seasons. Now is your time to quit “scratching the surface” and go deep into the plans and activities God has for you which lead to production of fruit which remain in and out of season!

Only as you begin taking steps to go deeper in the things of God will you experience true breakthroughs and deliverance. Every step of this journey will lead to a strengthening of your faith and success for your family, ministry and career.

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Is it possible some religious leaders have “lost touch” with members of the churches or ministries they serve in efforts to achieve church growth or organizational success? Are religious leaders more apt to engage in codependent behavior as there is a strong desire to please others and a need to be accepted? Interestingly, the author of this book discovered leaders who continuously shared their values and beliefs with followers are less likely to engage in codependent behavior or bad leadership practices.

can you hear me now front

Dr. Boyd’s second book, Can You Hear Me Now: How Active Listening and Continuous Articulation of Core Values Can Improve Leadership Effectiveness in Any Organization, Even the Church, is for anyone desirous of improving leadership effectiveness and inspiring active followership in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Written with church leadership at heart, the principles in this book are a must-read for any “religious leader” (minister, pastor, priest, bishop, overseer, prelate, church officer, board member) or anyone else involved with leadership development and serious about providing the best service to its attendees, congregants, customers, or members.

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When watchmen fall asleep on the job, wardens see jailbreaks, generals see lines fall, patrols see borders illegally crossed, civilians see their cities overrun, and even God’s elect see loved ones betrayed and apprehended.  Watchmen must “stay on the wall,” ready to announce the arrival of a friend or sound the alarm at first sight of a foe.  Explaining how watchmen guard city gates, secure national borders, and safeguard temple entrances, Dr. Will Boyd presents ways for you to spiritually serve as faithful watchman who remains alert and prayerful at all times.  In this guide to intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare, Dr. Boyd describes the significance of each hour of the Jewish, Roman, and modern day twenty-four hour watch as he prescribes hourly prayer directives for God’s will to be done as you are poised to withstand any attack of the enemy.   Dr. Boyd’s book, WATCH GOD! , is a must-read for all desiring to see God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven!

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Every hurt, every pain is a direct indication for growth and maturity. Where you are is just a season of God circumcising and transforming your heart and renewing your mind for what is really to come for you! Just remember, each tear that falls is being bottled and stored for the day when God is going to pour out of that same bottle to release your showers of blessings.

Dr. Rosalyn L. Overton is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised there, she closely understood the need for a positive impact for the people of generations to come. She later went on to become the Founder and Pastor of Follow Me As I Follow Christ Outreach Ministries. Within her book entitled Happy Birthday!  Your Spiritual Beginning, Dr. Overton explains how every hurt and every pain is a direct indication for growth and maturity.  You don’t have to curse your crisis; use it as a catapult to where God is trying to take you. What I found out personally is that the very thing that was my misery was indeed my ministry which is how this book came into fruition and it will help you to identify what your ministry anointing is. Where you are is just a season of God circumcising, molding and transforming your heart and renewing your mind for what is really to come for you! God draws near to a contrite heart. Draw near to Him so He can draw near to you and remember, each tear that you cry is being bottled and stored for the day when God is going to pour out of that same bottle to release your shower of bountiful blessings. Get your copy and begin your journey!

 Bishop Solomon Ntow Otu is the National Overseer of Ghana for Zion Ministries. His book, Created To Be Spiritual was written by Bishop Otu for the purpose of providing understanding of God’s daily battle with Satan for the heart and mind of the saints. Bishop Otu was born on September 9, 1980 in Accra, Ghana to the late Samuel Otu and the late Miss Vida Otu. Bishop Otu was raised in a family with seven siblings (two boys and six girls in all). When times became difficult, his family moved from Accra to the eastern part of Ghana, where Bishop Otu continued his education and earned certification in Refrigeration and Air Condition Engineering. Bishop Otu enrolled in Bible school in 2007 and was ordained May 29, 2009. With a charge from his bishop, the Bishop Otu started Fire of God International Ministry church. In 2012, Bishop Otu was ordained as an apostle and served as overseer to three pastors. His second book is forthcoming. Bishop Out is married to Miss Christiana Otu. He received his appointment to the post of Bishop of Ghana on April 23, 2013 and now oversees all ministers, elders, pastors, bishops and overseers for Zion Ministries in Ghana.