Chief Servant and Patriarch

Archbishop Dr. Will Boyd is a consecrated Metropolitan Archbishop in full apostolic succession. He has served as an acting seminary president, author, management and leadership professor, Christian therapist, mechanical engineer, and former elected official. The Archbishop, his wife, and three children reside in Florence, Alabama.


Our Chief Servant and Patriarch,

++++Will Boyd, MBA, PhD, DD, DSc

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Biographical Information

  • Born in Florence, South Carolina
  • Saved/Baptized May 4, 1986
  • Accepted God’s call on February 14, 1991
  • Married Wife (Lady Vida Boyd) in 1998
  • Has three children (Tre’, Brie, and MaryAnna)




  • BS in Engineering
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Religion
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Organization and Management
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Clinical Christian Psychology


  • Honorary DD (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Honorary DSc (Doctor of Science in Christian Counseling)

Ministry Experience

  • Founded Zion Ministries in 2001 and completed first church plant in 2003
  • Founded Mt. Zion Temple of Deliverance & Praise, serving as Founder and Senior Pastor
  • Consecrated as an Archbishop in 2007 (with oversight of 500+ churches in 13 countries)
  • Named an Assistant Chief by the King of Jamestown (Accra, Ghana)
  • Lectured/Ministered in Africa, China, United States and United Kingdom
  • Consecrated as Metropolitan Archbishop and received full Apostolic Succession (with oversight of 8,000+ churches in 18 countries)
  • Elevated to the Office of Patriarch by His Holiness, Patriarch Paul
  • Established the International Ecumenical College of Bishops
  • Elected pastor of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church of Florence, Alabama

Additional Experience

  • Elected to City Council in Greenville, Illinois (April, 2009)
  • Served as Dean of Student Success/Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management at Greenville College
  • Ran for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Senator Barack Obama upon his election to U.S. President in 2008
  • Became Democratic Nominee for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District
  • Serves as a chairman of Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee
  • Serves as treasurer of the Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District Executive Committee
  • Serves as a member of State Democratic Executive Committee (Alabama)
  • Running for Lieutenant Governor of Alabama

Published Works

For a “quick read” related to finding your purpose and pursuing God’s perfect will for your life, you may want to purchase Dr. Boyd’s book entitled, Scratching the Surface.” Examining the spiritual journey of a risk-taker named Elisha, this book will help you recognize and break away from cyclical or seasonal activities leading to complacency, weariness, barrenness, and lack of productivity. The book encourages readers to quit retracing the same steps year after year in the same field which only yield during certain seasons. The book simply encourages readers to “Go deep”!

    • Can You Hear Me Now? How Active Listening and Continuous Articulation of Core Values Can Improve Leadership Effectiveness in Any Organization, Even the Church

Is it possible some religious leaders have “lost touch” with members of the churches or ministries they serve in efforts  to  achieve church growth or  organizational success? Are religious leaders more apt to engage in codependent behavior as there is a strong desire to please others and a need to be accepted?  Interestingly, the author of this book discovered leaders who continuously shared their values and beliefs with followers are less likely to engage in   codependent behavior or bad leadership practices. Dr. Boyd’s second book, Can You Hear Me Now: How Active Listening and Continuous Articulation of Core Values Can Improve Leadership Effectiveness in Any Organization, Even the Church, is for anyone desirous of improving leadership effectiveness and inspiring active followership in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Written with church leadership at heart, the principles in this book are a must-read for any “religious leader” (minister, pastor, priest, bishop, overseer, prelate, church officer, board member) or anyone else involved with leadership development and serious about providing the best service to its attendees, congregants, customers, or members.

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  • Enjoys spending time with his family and members of his fraternity (Omega Psi Phi)
  • Gives God all the glory for all He has done